The Double Bass Pickup:





The Vektor™ Kontramike picks up the vibrations directly from the top of the bass and not only from the bridge. It is a contact microphone which transduces much more the body sound and not the string sound like many piezo pickups do. Therefore the amplified sound is far more natural. A change of the amp setup while switching from arco- to pizz-mode is unneccassary.

Mounting is easy and quickly done. By turning the fixation screw. which keeps the microphone capsule inside, the pickup is fixed and adjusted. Best results are reported from the position in the middle of the bridge between the feet. An impact on the acoustic sound is not worth mentioning

The Vektor Kontramike is 100% compatible with all Schertler-Electronics


! Caution !

The pickup needs 9V phantom power which can either be supplied by a suitable amplifier, a pre-amp with phantom power or you use...



The Basic-Kit Jack

Vektor Preamp

for normal amps


Basic-Kit XLR


for PA and DI, Jack-XLR

Our special recommendation:

Schertler Yello Single Preamp

The Alternative:


for usage with PA and DI, Jack-XLR


9V-Battery powered preamp with 15db-trimpot for usage with normal instrumental amps

transforms 48V into 9V for usage in combination with DI-Box, Amps with phantom power, microphone preamps or direct-to-PA

State-of-the-Art among preamps !!!


transforms 48V into 9V for usage in combination with DI-Box, Amps with phantom power, microphone preamps or direct-to-PA


Feel free to ask for further options!


Vektor Kontramike - Users

Detmar Kurig
Jost Drasler
Stefan Werni
Ludovico d’Apollo
Frank Willi Schmidt
Benoît Dunoyer de Segonzac
Jacques Loussier
Rosanna Zacharias
Karl Heinz Opriel
Esko Laine
Philharmonie Berlin
Marc Ramirez
Orchestra Gulbenkian/ Lisbon
Bruce Henry Leitman
Rio de Janeiro
Dominik Luderschmid
Eolo Taffi
Ari Kivelä
Arnulf Ballhorn
Komische Oper Berlin
Frank Tepel
Gerard McFadden
Paris/ France


"The first pick-up with a perfect balance between pizz and arco sound.. A very natural and punchy woody sound..."

(Jacques Loussier trio)

Hi Sven,

"The kontramike is INCREDIBLE!! I'm so happy with it. I often go straight into the front-of-house speakers at venues and it STILL sounds good which is great as it means I don't have to carry my amplifier everywhere. An Australian friend of mine was here over the last few days - he is a bass player too. He told me he is going to buy one too as he was so impressed with how it sounded! When he was playing I went and listened at the back of the room. The bass sound was perfect - so well-defined and even across all the strings!! Thanks again I hope you are well,

Gerard McFadden/ Paris

click here for a sound sample

"Hallo Meister!
der pu ist große Klasse!!! echt mal!!! the pu is big class!!! really!!!
warum muss man manchmal immer so lange auf die Ideallösung warten?!?!? why sometimes you have to wait so long for the ideal solution?!?!?

Also: das beste Kompliment für den Vektor Kontramike-PU war vom Solocellisten: "ich dachte, Du spielst in dem Stück einen verstärkten Bass....!!! " Now: the best compliment for the Vektor Kontramike-PU came from the solo cellist: I thought, youi play this piece with an amplified bass...!!!"

Und der Einbau ist so geschmeidig und einfach..... And the installation is so smooth and easy....."

Arnulf Ballhorn/ Komische Oper Berlin



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